2020 Bible Challenge Kick Off

Drum roll, please… 2020 Bible Challenge starts on January 1st!!!

All you need is your Bible, reading plan, and maybe your reading glasses. What we are committing to do this year is very simple – we will read our Bibles from the beginning to the end. If anyone wonders why – the answer is also simple. The foundation of our Christian faith is laid in this book, our God is revealed in this book, centuries of relationships between God and people are described in this book – it is probably the most underused treasure that we have in our homes, phones, and computers. And the Bible is very interesting. Love stories, family feuds, baby mama drama, inheritance disputes, end-of-the-world events – you name it and it’s in there. I can’t wait to see what we discover together this year!

I have started reading a couple of weeks ahead of y’all. No spoilers this time, but here is some advice:

    • Get the translation of the Bible that is easy for you to read. And make sure that the letter size is readable. For the Challenge, I am using CEB The Wesley Study Bible.
    • Decide where and when you will read every day. Is it morning coffee? Is it before going to sleep? Is it during your lunch break? You will need about 15-20 minutes a day.
    • I believe in the power of the herd. Get a family member or a friend to follow the reading plan.
    • Think of some questions that you are curious about. “What does the Bible say about … ?” Write them down and as you read the Bible this year, mark the texts that answer your questions. By the end of the year, you will not need to Google and rely on someone else to tell you what the Bible says. You will know it. For example, I am looking for texts about God and violence, immigration, God in nature, and motherhood. I am curious to hear what topics you will decide to explore in the Bible.
    • Do not get hung up on the unfamiliar and complicated names. Yes, there are a lot of names of people and places in the Bible that are hard to read and impossible to remember. It’s ok, just keep on moving. The entire history of the people of Israel is in the Bible, and that is why names are important. How many of you have searched Ancestry.com for your own family roots? Do not let the names get you discouraged. Even if you do not quite remember who is who, you will get the main ideas and plot lines. It is really not that big of a deal.

Bring your questions, your concerns, your excitement, and your hopes to our meetups! And please email me your questions at any time – no need to wait till our next meeting. Every question is valid because YOU are asking it!



Dr. Zhenya Gurina-Rodriguez
Associate Pastor of Grace Groups & Discipleship


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