2020 Babies!

Hi Families,

If you had a new baby arrive between November of 2019 and December of 2020, this message is especially for you! While in some ways 2021 is picking up where 2020 left off, this year feels like it has more light and hope in it. A big source of that light and hope is you.

Typically, the first Sunday in February has always been our Baby Celebration where families bring their babies born in the previous year. It’s one of the most inspiring sights we have — seeing all those new little ones lined up across the sanctuary.

Well, (sigh) this year we have to do it virtually. Here’s all we need from you:

  • A picture of your family with your new baby.
  • Here’s the registration link which includes the dropbox file for uploading the pic.

You can use whatever you’ve got stored in your phone, or a new pic, whatever makes this easiest for you. And if you’re including the whole family in the pic (including siblings) we would love to include the names of all… if you feel comfortable sharing. Our Mary Katri is going to put all the pictures into a video montage that will be shown as part of the 9:30 and 11:00 am virtual worship services on February 7th.

But wait! There’s more. At noon that Sunday, we will be out in the west parking lot ready to hand each family a little Bible and a flower – what we would normally do if you were in person. We would love to see you, ooh and ah over your dear one, and just have another reminder of why it’s so important to hold on through this time we’re in.


Mark Burrows
Director of Children’s Ministries


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