To Tell the Truth: Stories Make Our World

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“The universe is made of stories, not atoms.” — Muriel Rukeyser

“The shortest distance between a human being and the truth is a story.” — Anthony de Mello

 “All the world is a stage . . .” — William Shakespeare

If we are the players on the world’s stage, what story are we living out? Is there a Big Picture, a Master Story? And how are we its telling, untelling, and retelling?

Whether or not you’ve ever asked, been asked, or simply pondered, the question: “So, tell me . . . what’s your story?” you’ll want to be sure to join eleven:eleven celebration this Summer as nationally-known storytellers from Texas and beyond entertain and enlighten us with “To Tell the Truth: Stories Make Our World.” You might just discover the deeper connection to grace that we all share — after all.

“God created us, because God loves a good story.” — Ellie Wiesel

June 28 “Truthiness and Tall Tales”

Dr. Donna Ingham
Author, Humorist, and ”Liar Extraordinaire”
Donna is an award-winning author, professional storyteller and a Methodist who takes the ancient art of storytelling and gives it a Texas twist! Join Donna to see why the Abilene Reporter-News says, “You’ll have to decide what is true and, well, mostly true -hilarious!”

July 12 “Where Truth and Cultures Collide”

DeCee Cornish
Storyteller and “Urban Aesop”
A recipient of the President’s Commission on the Arts and the Humanities “Coming Up Taller” award, DeCee is featured at festivals across the state, a featured performer at the Stage West Storyteller Nights series and a popular Touring Artist with the Texas Commission on the Arts.

July 26 “Deep Truths — Sacred Landscape”

Elizabeth Ellis
Award-Winning Author, Storyteller, and National Endowment of the Arts Treasurer
A frequent favorite at the National Storytelling Festival, more than half a million people, including public defenders and those who work in child abuse prevention, have been mesmerized, energized and inspired by Elizabeth’s stories.

August 16 “Tales from the Labyrinth”

Jay Stailey
Storyteller, Educator, and International Labyrinth Builder
A highly sought after consultant, educator and storyteller and the former Chair of the National Storytelling Network in TN, Jay is also an “activist” in Labyrinth design and community education, as well as an adjunct professor at the University of Houston Downtown in the Dept of Urban Education


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