This Sunday in eleven:eleven — Urban Griot, DeCee Cornish and Bluesman, Buddy Whittington

Join us this Sunday as “Urban Griot”, DeCee Cornish, brings us a little known story of Fort Worth history and the power of love, a seemingly insignificant moment which, like a tiny ripple, became part of a profound transformation of our community, its freedom and the presence of God’s love in unlikely places.

There’s truth to be found where cultures collide.

Guest Artist, and internationally-known bluesman (and First UMC member!),

Buddy Whittington, joins us, along with Brad Thompson, the full band, and an expanded brass section, for some unforgettably inspiring music!

I will see you then!


This Week in eleven:eleven . . .

“To Tell the Truth: Stories Make Our World”

Sunday, July 12, eleven:eleven celebration

“When Truth and Cultures Collide”


African-American “Urban Griot”, DeCee Cornish and

Renowned Bluesman and Guitarist, Buddy Whittington!

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Where is the truth when cultures collide?

What might the teachings of Jesus have to say about the nature of truth in the presence of community?





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