11 Days Away . . .

Mark BurrowsThe Musical is almost here!!!

A few things —

Those with speaking parts:

• Triple-check all your lines (and even the lines right before yours).
• You’ll want to be super comfortable with memorization once we have our big dress rehearsal on Saturday, May 6.

Those in trios:

• Make sure to be at rehearsals.
• Those of you I’ve gotten to hear so far are doing a great job.

All of you:

• I’m blown away with how well you’re doing on the songs! Keep it up.
• The costuming for the musical will be T-shirts for the chorus and trios. (Hopefully everyone has gotten their sizes to Janice by now.)
• For those with speaking parts (Environmentalist, Dancer, Sleepy, etc.), add a “piece of flair” from home — something that will help the audience know better who you are.
• Parents, we could probably use a few volunteers to help with potty breaks, etc.

Remember, our Dress Rehearsal is Saturday, May 6, from 10:00 am – 2:30 pm in the Sanctuary. (Pizza will be provided for lunch.)

Now how about this for our Sunday, May 7, schedule:

8:30 am — Meet in the Sanctuary, costumed and ready to practice any last-minute things.

9:30 am — Children First and Musical (note the earlier start time)

10:30 am — Immediately after the musical, BOTH choirs meet with dads/father figures to practice “The Tree Song”

11:00 am — Make our way to Macaluso’s for our Choir Celebration and Lunch

I know adding that rehearsal at 10:30 am seems a bit much.

But it really serves three functions:

1. It gives us a chance to run through the song prior to Mother’s Day morning.

2. 10:30 am would be a bit early for lunch anyway.

3. That little 30-minute “buffer” can enable some folks to get to Macaluso’s before the rest of us and make sure everything is all set.




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