1.3.15 New Horizon Singles Weekly Message

Tuesday, January 5, 5:00 pm

Let’s head to Blue Mesa on University, for drinks and free quesadillas. Our host is Beverly Stevens.

Wednesday, January 6, 10:00 am

Meet Beverly Stevens at the FUMC Mission, Henderson and First Street, to help sort clothes, food, or other ways to assist.

Saturday, January 9, 6:00 pm

It’s time for dinner at Asian King Buffet, 953 Melbourne Road (Hurt) and on to a movie at the Rave Theater at NorthEast Mall. Gail Carter is our host.

Sunday, January 10, 9:00 am

Coffee and conversation in Room 231. Class begins at 9:30 am.  Our speaker today is Bronson Davis. Officer Meeting is at 10:45 am in room 330. All are invited to attend. This is the time to plan the February calendar and we would like your input.  After church we will have lunch at Baker Bros in the satellite of Montgomery Plaza on 7th Street.

The Crystal Ball is Saturday, January 23, from 6:30 – 10:30 pm at Diamond Oaks Country Club. Deadline for reservations is January 12. Sign up in class or contact Karen Shultz 817/975-2865 or Craig Young 817/788-4652.


January is renewal month.  Per NHS Bylaws, New Horizon Singles members must show up IN CLASS in January to renew your membership.

Boys in the Boat by Daniel Brown, is the February Book Club book.

January Mission Item is Diapers.

You can access our page on the church website (fumcfw.org/newhorizon) to get additional information about New Horizon Singles.


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